Dental cleaning in Longboat Key

Dental Cleaning in Longboat Key

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Deep Cleaning in Longboat Key

Every minute you spent glaring at your bleeding gums in the bathroom mirror feels like time spent as the star of your personal horror film. Flip the script by taking control of your oral hygiene situation by treating yourself to first-class periodontal gum therapy. Reach out to Russo Periodontics today and be well on your way to a dental cleaning in Longboat Key. And say hello to Hollywood next time—under better circumstances.

So what exactly does periodontal gum therapy involve? In a nutshell, deep cleanings. You see, once gum disease advances past a certain point, regular cleanings simply won’t be as effective against combating the damaging effects. As gums recede, deep pockets form where tartar (and bacteria) can find its way in. It finds a home beyond the reach of standard cleaning tools. Deep cleaning is able to get far beneath the gum line, shredding tartar to pieces, doing away with the bacterial attack on your gums and teeth. While periodontitis is not curable, a commitment to gum therapy goes a long way toward keeping its effects under arrest. For more information, feel free to reach out to Russo Periodontics and inquire about our highly-coveted dental cleaning in Longboat Key. Choosing to ignore periodontitis is inviting risky business. Over time, this advanced form of gum disease not only erodes gums, but also chips away at dental bone—destabilizing teeth in the long run, increasing the likelihood of them falling out. Don’t let it ever get to that point.

See one of our professionals today. The sooner you can get gum disease under control, the more you’ll minimize the effects, extending the lifespan of that beautiful smile of yours. It all starts with a simple phone call. Or an e-mail, if you prefer. Whichever your choice, contact Russo Periodontics as soon as possible and ask to setup an appointment for a dental cleaning in Longboat Key.

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