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Dental Implants in Sarasota

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Implants in Sarasota

Dental implants in Sarasota
Dental implants in Sarasota

Our dental implants in Sarasota are head and shoulders above more traditional bridges and dentures when it comes to replacing missing teeth. And at Russo Periodontics, this surgical procedure is done by our specialist who has the expertise and experience to assure you of the best possible outcome.

There are two components that are crucial to our dental implants in Sarasota. First is the titanium post that acts as a new root. The second is the tooth, which is a crown fashioned out of durable, tooth-colored material. With bridges and dentures, you’re getting benefit only above the gums. Our dental implants in Sarasota, though, go beneath the gums and are anchored to your jawbone just as a real tooth is. It’s the reason why they are so successful and why they look, feel, and act like natural teeth do. Having that root means that there is a dependable foundation for the implant, but there’s more benefit than that. Your normal facial contours are preserved and your gum and bone tissue will not atrophy. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of implants is that they are self-sustaining. Bridges require that you lose material from surrounding teeth to help secure the bridge in place. Dentures need messy adhesive. Implants are different. Once the crown is cemented to the post, you can expect total reliability, possibly for as long as a lifetime with proper care. You can chew your food with confidence, even the toughest and crunchiest options. You will never have to worry about how you sound when you speak. Your implant is so much like a natural tooth that you may forget you have one at all.

That empty space where a tooth used to be should be filled to give you back your complete smile and full ability to chew food. Contact our dental implants in Sarasota now to arrange a consultation and examination.

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