Longboat Key Dental Cleaning

Longboat Key Dental Cleaning

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Scaling and Root Planing in Longboat Key

Russo Periodontics handles Longboat Key dental cleaning in a clean, comfortable atmosphere. Our Sarasota office is easy to get to, with plenty of parking. We’re open Monday through Thursday, and Friday by appointment.

Gum disease is a prevalent problem in many people, but with proper cleaning, treatment and cleanings, it can be improved. Gum disease happens when the gum pockets begin to get filled with bacteria and plaque and tartar buildup. If the pockets under the gums become decayed due to bacteria hiding in the pockets, a periodontal cleaning may be in order. There is a difference between a regular dental cleaning and a periodontal cleaning. A regular Longboat Key dental cleaning is a routine procedure designed to get in between the gums and the teeth. This is imperative because regular brushing and flossing cannot reach these places. If the pockets of the gums are under 4mm, we may recommend a periodontal root scaling or planing. This is a more aggressive type of cleaning that gets into the pockets to clear bacteria that lives there and under the flaps of the gums.

There are various types of gum disease. Chronic periodontal disease is more common and happens to those over the age of 45. Inflammation below the gum line begins to destroy bone tissue and recess the gums. Using scaling and root planing, we can stop the progression of this disease. With aggressive periodontal disease, there is rapid loss of gum attachment and bone tissue. Treatment is more aggressive and sometimes surgical intervention is needed. We can also recommend at home treatments that the patient can practice on their own time to clear up their oral health. Twice daily brushing and flossing are great ways to keep gum disease at bay. For more information call our offices and visit our website.

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