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Periodontal Office Longboat Key

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Gum recession in Longboat Key

One of the effects of gum disease is that your gums can recede. It’s easy to see this as a cosmetic problem, because it ends up with your teeth looking too big, as if they’ve grown, which of course they did not. But what people don’t always consider is that gum recession is an oral health issue, too. Your gums provide vital protection for your teeth. Here at Russo Periodontics, we are pleased to be able to offer treatments to remedy receding gums.

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, and the only impact it usually has on your gums is that it irritates them and possibly causes them to turn red. A teeth cleaning once every six months succeeds in reversing those effects. The real danger is when gingivitis is not addressed in a timely manner, or when an underlying condition results in gum disease progressing at an alarmingly accelerated pace. Periodontitis is the later stage, and gum recession is only one of the concerns that you can expect to experience. Inflammation and even infection occurs below the gum line, and your vital gum and bone tissue starts to erode. Gum recession is the sign that you need the help of our periodontal office Longboat Key right away. Otherwise, your gums will weaken and leave your teeth open to becoming loose, among other potential consequences. Depending on how much damage has been sustained to your gums, you may be able to benefit from a treatment called scaling and root planing at our periodontal office Longboat Key. It’s a deep cleaning getting down to the roots to clean out inflamed tissue and remove imbedded plaque and tartar. Gum surgery may be required for more severe instances.

There is nothing more important than maintaining your gums, so contact our periodontal office Longboat Key right now to schedule an appointment, either for routine care or to address the signs of gum disease.

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