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Periodontist in Sarasota

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Sarasota Periodontal treatment

Periodontist in Sarasota
Periodontist in Sarasota

Your gums are every bit as vital to your oral well-being as your teeth are, so don’t neglect them. Our periodontist in Sarasota, Dr. John Russo, is dedicated to keeping your gums strong and healthy and to healing them when problems do occur. We focus on prevention and education as the primary tools in the fight against gum disease.

The best periodontal treatment begins with making sure that you are exercising good strategy at home by brushing and flossing every day. That’s because it is plaque, tartar, and food remnants that lead to gum irritation and eventually irritation and even infection. Taking charge of your periodontal health is job one. It is also vital to come in to see our periodontist in Sarasota twice yearly for an examination and most important, a through dental cleaning. Any plaque, tartar, or food particles that have managed to evade your reach and remain stubbornly hidden in your gum pockets and between your gums and teeth will be removed. If you have begun to have gum irritation, you may be experiencing the first stage of gum disease, gingivitis. A dental cleaning should reverse that and get your gums headed back to their optimal state.
When gingivitis is not addressed promptly, you may end up noticing symptoms such as tender or swollen gums, bleeding gums when you’re brushing your teeth, or consistent bad breath, among others. These are indications that you may have the second stage of gum disease, periodontitis. Our periodontist in Sarasota can still treat you, usually with scaling and root planing, a more intensive type of cleaning that gets right down to the roots using hand scraping and/or ultrasonic tools.

In the most severe cases, surgery may be needed to properly address gum disease. This is a last resort and is rarely required if you adhere to brushing and flossing regularly and coming in every six months for a checkup. Our periodontist in Sarasota recommends that if you’re noticing any of the symptoms listed above or others such as loose or shifting teeth, receding gums, or a bad taste in your mouth, you should call us right away and schedule an examination.

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