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Sarasota CT scans
Sarasota CT scans

Gum disease can be silent, sneaking up on you and causing mild, moderate, and even severe consequences as a result. It is vital that you take the proper steps at home, in your daily life, to increase the odds of you maintaining strong and healthy gums. Here at Russo Periodontics, we’re committed to the well-being of your gums, and that involves brushing after meals, daily flossing, a full dental exam and teeth cleaning every six months, and prompt attention when you develop gum disease. One such way that we can help is with our Sarasota CT scans.

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. This may present no symptoms or very subtle ones. It’s important, though, to not ignore it. A simple teeth cleaning can typically reverse gingivitis, but if it is not addressed promptly, then it will progress to the advanced stage of periodontitis. It’s here that more obvious signs will begin to be noticeable. These include persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding gums when you brush, and even loose teeth. One method used to combat periodontitis is scaling and root planing, a more intense type of cleaning that gets down to the roots to clean out the plaque, tartar, and bacteria. This will not always be sufficient to stop the encroachment of gum disease, and if it isn’t, then gum surgery may be required. It’s here where our Sarasota CT scans can be very effective and useful.

A CT scan is sort of like a three-dimensional version of an x-ray, allowing our periodontist to see what is going on in your gums from various angles instead of a plain one-dimensional view afforded by standard x-rays. With this more comprehensive view of your gums and of your entire mouth, the most precise strategy can be devised to move forward with your gum treatment. Because of our Sarasota CT scans, the likelihood of the best outcomes will be increased significantly.

Certainly, prevention is the best way to handle gum disease, but this is not always possible. And when your gum tissue, bone tissue, and even your teeth are threatened by the effects of gum disease, we prefer to use all of the advanced tools at our disposal, and this most certainly means our Sarasota CT scans.

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