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Sarasota Gum Grafts

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Sarasota gum grafts
Sarasota gum grafts

It is positively essential to your oral well-being to have strong and healthy gums. Most of the time, being able to do so requires nothing more than a good strategy of brushing and flossing regularly combined with a professional teeth cleaning twice per year. For various reasons, however, sometimes that won’t be sufficient. And when that occurs, gum surgery might be required. Here at Russo Periodontics, you can feel totally confident that your procedure is being done by a highly skilled and experienced specialist in gum surgery. One of the helpful and valuable services that our office provides is with our Sarasota gum grafts.

Gum grafting is a method that is employed as a necessary correction when your gums being to recede or in some cases as an elective procedure for purely cosmetic purposes. When your gums recede, this means that they start to pull away from your teeth, leaving more of the tooth and maybe even the tooth root visible. This can lead to the false conclusion that your teeth are growing larger, which, of course, is not the case. You should know, however, that receding gums is a fairly common thing to have happen. It is present in up to 12% of adults. And unfortunately, it is often left undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated until it has reached an advanced stage. It is here that our Sarasota gum grafts are of the greatest help.

When receding gums are ignored, the result can be damage occurring to the supporting bone. This typically happens in stages. You may eventually notice an effect on your appearance, and symptoms such as sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Our Sarasota gum grafts consist of a simple process of a surgical cut made at the roof of your mouth, gum tissue is removed and used to augment the area where your gums have receded. Stitches will then be put at the site of the original cut and also where the tissue was transferred to. In the end, however, this will go a long way to promoting optimal gum health and also keeping your teeth protected.

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