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Siesta Key Dental Implants 

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Periodontist in Siesta Key

Siesta Key Dental Implants
Siesta Key Dental Implants

Why settle for an incomplete smile when you can have a replacement for the tooth or teeth that you’ve lost? We’re not talking about a bridge or dentures, although those are certainly fine options. Instead, our Siesta Key dental implants are the subject we’re discussing. It’s one of the specialties that we’re pleased to provide here at Russo Periodontics.

Unlike a general dentist, our periodontist is an expert when it comes to implants. Putting them in is a surgical procedure that involves your gums, and so you can have the confidence of knowing that you are in the best possible hands. Bridges and dentures only replace the tooth above the surface of the gum, which is an aesthetic benefit, but doesn’t give you the fully dependable foundation that you get with our Siesta Key dental implants. They replace the root beneath in addition to the tooth. Besides reliability when it comes to chewing, speaking, and laughing, having that new root also preserves your facial contours, and keeps your gum and bone tissue from atrophying. Your replacement root is a titanium post. After it is implanted, there is a waiting period of several months while your jaw bone grows around the post and eventually fuses with it. And it is then that you will be measured for a tooth-colored crown that will be fitted on top and then cemented to the post for permanence. You end up with a new tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like your real ones do. And with our Siesta key dental implants, you will never have to worry about a cavity or needing root canal. You can brush it and floss between it and your other teeth as you would normally.

Just call us and schedule an appointment to come in and be examined and tested to make sure that you are a good candidate for this advanced tooth replacement.

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