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Siesta Key Gum Graft

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Periodontist in Siesta Key

Siesta Key Gum Graft
Siesta Key Gum Graft

If you are looking for an expert periodontist to provide you with gum grafting, all you need to do is visit us at Russo Periodontics. Our expert and highly regarded periodontist, Dr. John Russo, can provide you with a Siesta Key gum graft to help fix your receding gum problem.

A gum graft is also called a gingival graft. It has also been referred to as periodontal plastic surgery, and is a collective name for several different types of periodontal surgical procedures during which gum tissue is grafted. Gum grafting is used to cover exposed root surfaces to protect the roots, or to improve the appearance of a smile. Often times a gum graft is used so that teeth are protected from further gum recession. Gum recession can occur if you have gum disease, or can even develop because you have been brushing your teeth too often with a toothbrush that is too hard. When a patient has receding gums, it means that the tissue that surrounds the teeth has pulled away from the tooth, and more of the tooth root is exposed. This can cause damage to the supporting bone of the tooth. Gum recession is not a rare problem, as it can affect up to 12% of adults. Gum recession is a very gradual process, which is often not even noticed until it is so severe that it needs treatment. Extreme gum recession can lead to tooth loss, so a gum graft may be needed to save your teeth. There are different types of gum grafting procedures. Our dentist will assess your individual situation and let you know which type of Siesta Key gum graft will work best for you. Our periodontist will also talk to you about where the graft material will be taken from. Sometimes it is removed from the roof of your mouth.

For an appointment to meet with our expert periodontist for a Siesta Key gum graft, or any other type of periodontal care, contact us today.

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