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Bone and Tissue Regeneration in Siesta Key

Siesta Key periodontics
Siesta Key periodontics

It is true, and understandable to some extent, that people tend to focus on their teeth only. Sometimes, even dentists are guilty of that. Your teeth are what you use to chew, they form the basis for your smile, and they are the most obvious physical characteristic among your oral structures. However, without the healthy gum and bone tissue to support your teeth, they are of little use. Here at Russo Periodontics, we give equal time to those vital parts of your oral anatomy, and are pleased to provide essential procedures like bone and tissue regeneration.

You may be wondering what that is exactly. Bone and gum tissue can atrophy or be destroyed. One example of this is when you have lost teeth that have not been replaced with an implant. There is a likelihood that the gum and bone, left unused, will erode. Then later, you may wish to get a dental implant but find that your gum and bone are not sufficient to support one. Your need for our Siesta Key periodontics, though, can extend to other situations, such as the effects of advanced gum disease, in which your gum and bone become weaker and may even be lost. Bone and tissue regeneration works like this: the stimulation of new tissue growth is spurred on by surgically placing a small mesh-like piece between the gums and the bone. Bone and connective tissue can then grow into the area where is meant to, without the gums getting in the way. This procedure may be supplemented by another form our Siesta Key periodontics for dealing specifically with the creation of new gum tissue, if required.

Our Siesta Key periodontics are committed to helping you to regain your optimal oral well-being, both now and in the long term. Why not call our office right now and arrange a convenient time to come in for a consultation?

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