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Siesta Key Periodontist

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Implants in Siesta Key

Siesta Key periodontist
Siesta Key periodontist

Thank you for visiting Russo Periodontics, where our Siesta Key periodontist is experienced in treating all stages of periodontal disease and helping to limit bacteria and plaque that causes gum disease. Our practice specializes in dental implants and periodontics. Our dentist, Dr. Russo, is highly trained in these techniques and is committed to dedicating the highest level of care to patients.

Our state of the art technology allows us to treat all phases of gum disease. If tooth loss is a concern, we can place dental implants in teeth that need removal or may already be missing. Our implants, made from high quality titanium, are designed to be permanent and to provide a stable anchor for teeth. Our implants, once placed, never need a root canal or filling. Implants help to maintain the aesthetic aspect of the face, because missing teeth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate in that area and to have a sunken in look over time. Implants help to support the rest of the jaw by once again having a tooth in place. Our Siesta Key periodontist places implants that look natural and are comfortable in the mouth, just like real teeth.

Besides implants our Siesta Key periodontist also does procedures that help to fight gum disease, such as scaling, root planing, pocket depth reduction and periodontal maintenance. Ask us about our bone and tissue regeneration and crown lengthening for teeth restoration, too. Periodic deep cleanings and regular cleanings can help rid teeth of the debris and bacteria that get stuck in between teeth, causing cavities and contributing to gum disease. A scaling and root planing is designed to get into areas that have extremely deep pockets, where bacteria hides and contributes to gum and bone loss. For more information, call our offices to make an appointment.

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